Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The (more) Brits have landed

My Dad was in England for two weeks, catching up with friends, and he returned this past Monday with his younger brother and sister in tow. That's right, folks, we have single-handedly increased the red-coat population of the Sacramento region by 2. Run for cover!

Although I'm working and can't spend too much time with them, we did invite Aunt Janet and Uncle Grahame over for a barbecue last night so we could show off our humble abode and they could witness Daisy in her full glory.

It's actually super cool that my Aunt is here because she isn't exactly fond of world travel. In fact, this is probably only her second flight in her entire life and certainly the longest by far. I'm very proud of her for getting beyond her distaste for flying and making the big trip.

Janet isn't much one for having her photo taken (too bad, I say - you enter my house, you submit to the camera) and made me promise not to upload the photos I took to Facebook. I am taking her literally. I will not post them to Facebook. However, she didn't mention all online sites or my blog. She'll have to be more specific next time ;o)

Aunt Janet

Janet and Grahame_09212010 014

Uncle Grahame
Janet and Grahame_09212010 015

Janet and Mum
Janet and Grahame_09212010 019

"Gandy" (Daisy's name for my Dad) home! We missed him.
Janet and Grahame_09212010 012

Daisy and her pointy finger at work in the yard.
Janet and Grahame_09212010 025


e said...

Oh how fun!!! Isn't it great to have family over, bbq, play in the yard, and post photos to a blog. Yay Janet for making it all the way over here.

Suzy said...

Wow! Fantastic pics Shell! Not quite so sure of Mum's expression standing next to Auntie Paul'...think that may of been a OMG do you have to??? look.x x

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