Monday, September 06, 2010

HOORAY FOR MARINE LAYER! (Monterey Trip - Part One: Aquarium)

Monterey Sept 2010 330

At least when it came to our body temperature. While it was sweltering in the triple digits in Sacraghetto, Hubby and I took a road trip with Miss Daisy, out to the coast. Unfortunately, the gray skies didn't do much for my photos but oh well, guess I didn't have to deal with shadows!

I also give a big HOORAY for savings for this weekend. Not only did I manage to use up all my American Express rewards points to score a $308 savings on our hotel suite but we also scored free passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It just happened that I posted our destination on Facebook and one of my mommy friends, who moved to the Monterey area last year, asked us if we would like to use her season passes while we were there. WOULD WE!? Of course! Are you kidding me?

So we hooked up with Sarah (thank you, you lifesaver you) as soon as we got into town on Friday afternoon and were able to then use her passes that afternoon and again on Saturday morning. This, as it turns out, was a critical component in the overall success of our weekend because, instead of having to cram everything into one mega aquarium visit, we were able to break our tour into two toddler-sized chunks.

And did Miss Daisy like the aquarium? Did she EVER. (Apologies for the blurries - you know how dark it can be in an aquarium and sometimes there just isn't a camera setting to cover that.)

Daisy Monterey September 2010 036

Daisy Monterey September 2010 118

Daisy Monterey September 2010 179

Daisy Monterey September 2010 054

Daisy Monterey September 2010 150

Daisy Monterey September 2010 166

Daisy Monterey September 2010 193

Daisy Monterey September 2010 199

Oh, hey, look, I was there too! Hubby took the camera on Day #2...

Monterey Sept 2010 063


Monterey Sept 2010 075

Daisy Monterey September 2010 200

Aside from lots of fishies and other colorful aquatics, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is quite a stunning piece of architecture too. When you're not in the dark exhibits, the light in some places is just gorgeous. Unfortunately, chasing after a 17 month old doesn't offer a lot of opportunities to find the optimal camera setting, hence these are as good as I got...

Daisy Monterey September 2010 047

Daisy Monterey September 2010 238

Daisy Monterey September 2010 075

In part two, we do 17 Mile Drive, Carmel by the Sea, and the beach. Stay tuned...

To see all the pics from our trip, just click here.


Meghan said...

That place looks like a lot of fun. Lucky you scoring the passes! Hopefully, we can get our little guy there sometime.

Kimberly {Yep, they are all mine} said...

FUN!!!! I haven't been there since Isabella was just a few months old...definitely need to plan a trip :)

e said...

Cool. And I loved the photos!!

Mala said...

Loved the pictures and the awed look on Daisy's face - she's such a doll!

Sarah said...

I am glad you all had such a nice time. we love it here and are glad to share what we can when people we know visit.

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