Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Warning: not for the feint of heart, squeamish, or bashful

I found this today on a blog I often read, The Friendly Atheist, and had to share because it is so ridiculous and vile that there was no way I could not.

This is a video of a Ugandan pastor, Martin Ssempa, preaching on homosexuality. Mr. Ssempa is leading the fight for an anti-homosexuality bill in his home country, a bill which would result in "convicted" homosexuals being sentenced to death. (Yes, nice man.)

There's not much to laugh at in this clip because Ssempa is clearly a lunatic who needs a sentencing of his own but what really got me was the juncture at which he considered it necessary for children to leave the room. For some reason he considered the verbal description of anal licking, eating "poo-poo" and fisting as kid-appropriate but the photographic evidence as not.

So, in short, look for this kind of craziness to infiltrate the American-born, right-wing, tin-foil-hat, religious nut-bag vernacular soon. At least you'll know they didn't come up with it on their own.

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