Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How about a Democratic ad... instead?

Today I checked my blog for comments (in the vain hope that there might be some) and, in the process, happened to see THIS monstrosity sitting on my side-bar, in the Google ads section.

Which presents somewhat of an ethical dilemma. There is no way in sweet hell that I want my blog to promote ANYTHING about Carly Whatsherfacearina. BUT, I have no control over what ads Google deems appropriate for my blog so, I'm assuming, my only choice is to remove Google Ads entirely from my blog if I don't like it?

You would think, however, in these days of advanced online information gathering, that Google's little spiders would have scanned my content and figured out that this blog was the last place that Carly would find supporters. But then it occurs to me that not all my friends are Democrats, so maybe Google is smarter than I thought. Stiil, it irkles me no end that my blog is being used as a Republican billboard.

While we're on the subject of the failed, ex-HP CEO (whose only political claim-to-fame is advising John McCain on economics during the 2008 Presidential Election - and look how well that went), Ms. Fiorina has the most ridiculous political tagline of this otherwise dirty-politics primary: "Vote Carly. Instead."

All this political slogan says to me is "I suck less" or "I'm the best of a bad bunch" or "If you don't like him, vote for me" which is on a par with a campaign for high school president, or whatever it is that they vote for in schools out here.

As a marketing and sales person her whole slogan bothers me. I would never advertise my company's product as something you might want to choose "instead". Where's the value statement? What does this tell someone about my product? That I'm not the other product. Great marketing. And this is the prior CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Instills confidence, doesn't it?


e said...

She creeps me out. All I got from her ads was curb government, and make abortion illegal. Eeek.

TravelVixen said...

That's two more things than I got.

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