Monday, June 14, 2010

The positive post

The negative post has been done (see previous) and it's time for a positive post, I think.

Over this weekend, I took some time to look back over my previous posts. I like to do that from time to time because it provides me with a sense of perspective on how things are "now"; we tend to forget happiness or troubles of the past when we're kvetching on the present.

In the process, I found a post from the beginning of this year, listing my New Year's Resolutions. Funny but I had all forgotten about then, so absorbed by the "current" and "now". What I am pleased to report, however, is that I have actually ticked a few of these off my list already this year. See the ones in BLUE, they are done. Woot! The ones in green are in positive progress. The rest... well... it's still only June ;o)

  1. That photography class - finally! Oh, and probably a Photoshop class too. I'd like to be taking my friends' family's holiday pics in October/November for some extra cash.
  2. Health for my hip - mission one is strengthen and prevent injury. First step: change doctors and medical groups. Get a different perspective. Watch this space.\
  3. Better health for my finances - sell the Altima, reduce my credit card debt, watch what I spend, go on mini-vacations instead of big ones in '10. Save.
  4. Sell more @ work. Move some mountains. Find the fire to reach my potential in my current job.
  5. Rebook my vacation to Jamaica and get the hell out of dodge. (This doesn't count against #3 because the money is already spent.)
  6. Work in the back yard with Hubby and make it a great play space for Daisy in 2010.
  7. Go through every room and every cupboard in the house and throw out unnecessary crap. Organize and declutter.
  8. Continue the weight loss process and focus more on strength/muscle-tone. Get bikini abs for #5.
  9. Enjoy Daisy. Love my husband. Spend time with my parents. Appreciate the ones I love.
So far, so good. I obviously still have work to do but, without even thinking about it, I have been pursuing my goals for 2010!

With #1, I've begun to experiment more with my camera and it's settings. This past weekend I ditched the stock lens that came with the camera and finally used the 50mm macro lens that hubby bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago (or was it last year? or three years ago? Ack, I have no idea!)

Anyway, I was pretty pleased with the results. I played around with some settings on Friday afternoon and then, on Friday evening, spent some time snapping Daisy in the yard and then some friends at a dinner party. I was particularly pleased with these shots:

Mala_dinner_June2010 002
Shomeek, our host

Mala_dinner_June2010 003
My beautiful friend, Kim, who hates having her picture taken

Mala_dinner_June2010 007
Our gorgeous hostess, Mala.

Mala_dinner_June2010 015
Mala's daugher Evani

And you know who this is by now...

Daisy Month 14_hoseadventures 031

Daisy Month 14_hoseadventures 009

Anyway, I've got a long way to go before I'm at a professional standard but I was happy with the improvements I've made and the way I'm much more comfortable with my camera settings. I simply LOVE taking photos - it has become my main hobby and one that gives me so much joy - and so I would love to expand it, at some point and when the time is right, into a money-making venture. All volunteer models welcome...


e said...

Bring your camera when you come to LA!

cjmonkey said...

Beautiful shots, beautiful muses!!

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