Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photo A Day: Tuesday June 29 2010

Photo A Day Tuesday June 29 2010 005ed

Noooo, it's not upside down. It is indeed a dress tag and it does say size 6.

Somehow in the upside-down, completely screwed-up world of retail sizing, I am a size 6. I discovered this when I discovered a little black shift dress in my closet that I had never worn - presumably because I bought it shortly before I got knocked-up and then rapidly outsized it.

Of course, this is all actually a load of rubbish. I am not a size 6, as much as I would love to be. According to Old Navy, I am a size 10 pants. And I haven't just lost a load of weight because all my other clothes seem to fit me just the same.

Anyway, despite the fuzzy-logic of it all, I was proud enough to snap this photo, on my way out the door to a meeting.

Clearly, judging by the photos of the last couple of days, I'm clutching at straws, trying to find things (other than Daisy) to take photos of. Yeah, I don't get out much.

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e said...

I love these photos. They're intimate and they tell a little story about your day and what's important to you. Keep grabbing those straws.

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