Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Wednesday Stuff

Yesterday was snow and today is so warm and sunny I ate my lunch on my deck - go figure! And some people still claim climate change is a myth. Sheesh.

I called the surgeon's office today to ask him to call me to answer some additional questions about the surgeries he was advocating yesterday (see yesterday's long post.) He hasn't called me back yet which is frustrating because I would have liked to have got his answers before I request a 2nd referral from my PCP at a scheduled appointment tomorrow morning. Well, I guess it doesn't hurt to get that ball rolling either way. More than anything I'm biting at the bit to get this thing taken care of soon.

Spent some time talking to a news reporter for NBC's Nightline today. She’s doing a real estate related story and will be shooting some footage of the President of my company, who is also the CEO of a big real estate brokerage here in town. Hopefully my company will get some national airtime exposure out of it. I don’t expect any personal glory, however, so don’t tune-in expecting to see me quoted or anything.

Time to cast my absentee ballot for the Presidential Primary. I guess it's no secret who I'm voting for, although I don't hold out an awful lot of hope for my ideal outcome. Yesterday, after the President's State of the Union address, Barack Obama's response was the most watched video on You Tube. I think that tells you a lot right there. It was a beautifully orated response, granted and, as those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime already know, I have a lot of admiration for Obama and certainly see him as having great potential... I just don't know if he's ready yet. His optimism and preacher-like chattering about "hope" make him sound just a little naive to me. I wish it was 8 years from now, with Hillary giving her last State of the Union and Barack waiting in the wings to clinch the next 8 years for the Dems. When this whole primary process started like 100 years ago, I said to my sister-in-law: "I think it will be easier to get a black man elected than a white (or any other race) woman." I guess we'll see how right I was very soon!

Finally, an update on my battered laptop. They still don't have the motherboard yet, so news on when she'll be coming home. They think they can turn it around the same day once it gets in. Hopefully that includes making sure the thing actually starts up and doesn't produce a bunch of error screens.

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e said...

Well, at least we have something totally new this year: a woman and a black man are battling it out for the Dem nomination. We may not get Hillary, but this is quite a leap forward.

Well, let's hope that Barak's lack of experience turns into a fresh new perspective, and that hope (which is all fine and dandy but really doesn't do much by itself) turns into new policies and innovation.

See you at the polls on Tuesday!

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