Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Another one of my friends is pregnant. See new link to Le Babe on this site.

Hubbie and I just did a finger-count and that's 7 friends and 10 babies in 2 years (one of my friends had quads.) That's one family for each day of the week. We should open a baby-sitting business!

Yes, it literally took me less than one blink to evaluate and dismiss that idea!

There's definitely something in the Sacramento water. Good job I'm not all that keen on water. Now, if they'd put it in some Apple Pucka I'd be in trouble!

What has been interesting, however, is watching how different the experience is for each family: easy pregnancies and nightmare pregnancies; walk-it births and heave-it births; babies who sleep through the night on day one and babies who cry constantly; gurgly babies and silent babies; bouncy babies and thoughtful babies... you name it. In those 7 families seems to have been a fairly decent gamut of experiences.

So, what have learned from all these friends to put in my back pocket for when my time comes? That whatever your expectations of the experience for yourself, they're probably inaccurate and that there are no two experiences alike (even from pregnancy to pregancy with the same couple, I've discovered.) And that's it. Aside from a very good lesson on securing a diaper to ensure no leakage (thanks to my Sister-in-Law) and a vomit experience that reminded me that babies are not bottomless pits for milk, I think that's about as best as anyone can prepare themself.


e said...

Heh, heh. I think when you have pets and children you develop a detente-like relationship to poo and vomit. They're just the stuff of life.

That is indeed quite a few babies, are you finding it good practice?

CGBCYouth said...

Even if you open a baby-sitting business you'll have to move closer for it to be feasible for us...too bad.

Apple Pucka you said? Got it...I'll make sure SOMETHING gets slipped in there...

TravelVixen said...

e, I don't seem to have created the same relationship with pee, poo, and vomit as you have as a result of having pets. These three bodily functions are typically Hubbie's domain. (Yes, he gets all the good stuff!)

As for "good practice": well, yes and no. It's definitely demystifying the process for me but I don't get to see any of them enough to really get my hands dirty (if you pardon the punn.)

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