Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm an Infomaniac with Password Fatigue

Or so say the Ozzies.

Aparently, there is now such a thing as Australish - Australian English Slang.

The Macquarie Dictionary, Australia's National Dictionary, has an online competition for the Australish word of the year to add to their new edition. Nominations include such fabulous linguistic configurations as:

  • Advergaming
  • Credit Card Tart
  • Floordrobe (something Hubbie should be very familiar with)
  • Manscaping
  • Arse Antlers
  • Boomeritis
  • Chindia

and my personal favorite Slummy Mummy. (For which I nominate Britney Spears.)

To find out what on earth those Australians are blabbering about and to vote for your favourite (yes, with a "u" becoz Australians do speak better English than Americans after all) Australish words, click here.


caw said...

Hah! Good vote for Slummy Mummy. I just voted for Salad Dodger and a bunch more. I love this story, thank you for sending it thru the ether :)

Hey, your slideshow is awesome. How did you do it? Me want!

TravelVixen said...

CAW: You can add the slideshow in your layout tools on Blogger. Just "Add a Page Element" and it's one of the options. You have to either (a) add photos to blogger for them to appear or (b) link it to a photo site like Flickr (as I did).

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