Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random at Starbucks

It was a DREARY day in the hood today and the forecast aint looking much better for the next week. Ugh. It's the kind of weather that, if I was without-child, I would use as an excuse to curl up on the sofa with my box of tissues (because, you know, to make matters better, I have a KILLER head cold) and watch chick-flicks, while drinking hot chocolate. Sigh... I dream.

However, I have a 2 year old who is having none of that and who has been home all day.

And so, we go to Starbucks.

First, to mentally stimulate said 2 year old. Second, to pump some caffeine into her parents so they can make it through the rest of the night. And, lastly, because Mummy can bring her camera and snap some photos that don't involve the dreaded 3200ISO that is required in our living room.

Meanwhile, Hubby is waiting for an important call for one of his deals.

Random at Starbucks-0239.jpg

The impatient foot... tap, tap!

Random at Starbucks-0238.jpg

Yes, it's THAT wet.

Random at Starbucks-0241.jpg


Random at Starbucks-0223.jpg

Looking for trouble (which she found, near an electrical socket. Super!)

Random at Starbucks-0240.jpg

Do we know how to have fun around here!!!

Actually, yes we do.

Because we couldn't enter the house without some puddle-jumping. Daisy said "Puddles Daddy!" Daddy said "No, let's go inside, it's wet!" and Mummy said "Oh what the hell!" (Of course, I was thinking about the photo opportunities.)

Random at Starbucks-0256.jpg

Random at Starbucks-0260.jpg

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e said...

I love the photos in the puddles. She looks so happy and mischievous. You're right, you guys do know how to have fun.

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