Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random in the Hood

It rained again today. As I said yesterday, it's going to be raining for a while. So when, by a stroke of luck, the clouds parted right at mid day, I seized the opportunity to head out for a walk with my camera.

We live in your typical suburban track, circa 1980. You know, 4-5 home plans, now slightly disguised by years of home improvement (or neglect) and grown-in vegetation. It's a relatively nice neighborhood that backs onto a large greenbelt and sees it's fair share of wildlife but it also has it's share of funkiness.

So, here it is... my Hood.

One of the nicer pathways leading up to my favorite home on our street
Random in the Hood-0299.jpg

A little patriotism.
Random in the Hood-0301.jpg

I call this "Shabby Chic" outside
Random in the Hood-0313.jpg

We have a thing with rocks around here. (Don't even get me started on the volume of river rock that has been carted out of our own back yard!)
Random in the Hood-0302.jpg

Random in the Hood-0320.jpg

Random in the Hood-0319.jpg

There are fun little inlets to wild little areas you dare not go
Random in the Hood-0315.jpg

We love our bike lanes that lead right down to the American River bike trail. Can't wait to get out there this summer!
Random in the Hood-0324.jpg

Large palms mingle with cypress trees and pines
Random in the Hood-0350.jpg

The changeable weather has brought an early spring to front yards
Random in the Hood-0336.jpg

Random in the Hood-0332.jpg

Then there is our equivalent of the Christmas fairy lights that never come off the front porch - the Holiday mail box wrap. There's another one several blocks away of a snowman
Random in the Hood-0337.jpg

And finally, the funky-colored homes that really "elevate" the hood

The "Whoah-Nelly!" blues
Random in the Hood-0322.jpg

Random in the Hood-0341.jpg

The baby-poop monotones
Random in the Hood-0339.jpg

And finally the Easter Egg House (not just themed for the season, sadly.)
Random in the Hood-0326.jpg

Oh, but who could forget the "cute" planters. (As if we need FAKE dogs in this neighborhood of 2 canines per house.)
Random in the Hood-0353.jpg

Two for the road - some fun details from my own front yard
Random in the Hood-0358.jpg

Random in the Hood-0361.jpg

And there you have it.

What did I realize on my walk? My neighborhood is not very inspirational to me. I was pretty bored taking these shots. I was pretty bored looking at them. Thank goodness for the digital editing process that made them look a lot more vibrant than they actually were.

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e said...

It is a testament to your ability as a photographer that you can make things that bore you look interesting. Love these.

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