Thursday, March 03, 2011

I usually like Thursdays... and other random thoughts

  • I usually like Thursdays, except today is a no Vampire Diaries day and so I'm sulking. The whole on/off thing with American tv shows and new episodes is just maddening. Every week, when you finish watching your favorite show, you sit, holding your breath, to hear if next week will bring a re-run. In the UK, a series runs non-stop for as many episodes as there are. There are no summer hiatuses, only new shows. (Although, granted, Fox started the whole summer series season a few years ago and some of the shows haven't been bad.) I miss the BBC.
  • I have really been struggling for things to write about lately on here. Maybe it's because I have 4 blogs and so my thoughts are generally spread across the blogosphere: Daisy stuff - Lazy Crazy Daisy; Photography Stuff - Memories by Michelle or MbyM365. And then there's Facebook. Sharings that may once have developed into a rambling, ranty post, are usually now reduced to a quick status update or shared link. I feel like my thoughts have been MTV'd.
  • Oh, incidentally, I gave Memories by Michelle blog a little revamp. Simpler, cleaner, showcasing photos. You likely? I'm still struggling with an "About Me" page. I think it needs it but I seem thoroughly incapable of penning anything compelling about yours truly that might actually matter to someone interested in hiring me. I mean, I have a lot to say but the reality is that is has to be worth saying. No ranting or rambling. If YOU had to describe me in one sentence, what would you write? Send me a comment - maybe I'll use it. (Oh, and BE NICE!)
  • I have re-started my weight-loss and exercise program for like the 100th time this year. (Given we're not yet 100 days into the year, I think that says something.) I made grandiose plans on Jan 1 but have not followed through. But I don't feel good in my own skin right now and that needs to change. And then there is the whole SI Joint issue which just flares up when I slack off. It's like a literal prod in the ass, to urge me to get back at it. Eat better. Exercise more. That's my objective. I don't have specific weight loss plans, or fat percentage goals, or even workout times because that's just too much with everything else going on in my life, but if I can just incrementally improve on both fronts, I think I'll feel much better both mentally and physically.
  • One of my best friends just moved not a half a mile away from me. I'm super excited. Envisioning back-yard family BBQs, our kids (who are just 7 months apart) growing up as good friends, and impromptu glasses of wine while bitching about parenting. Of course, in reality, the same obstacles that existed to prevent us getting together more often before, still exist. We tried to go out on a stroller-walk this afternoon after work but I have 2 places to be. I offered to do it at lunch, she has places to be. So, it will be interesting to see if we really do see each other much more. I guess, as time rolls on, it will be easier to identify those unexpected windows of time where we don't have anything going on, and synch up.
Alrighty, that's it for now.

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Joy @CGBC Youth said...

1. The fonts are harder to read. Maybe it's just a bit too small?

2. In one sentence, "Genuine, true to self, and a whole mess of color" describes you, for me.

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