Tuesday, March 08, 2011

More random crap - food

Inspired by the comments on yesterday's post about random crap, I decided to continue the theme today.

For some reason, all my pictures ended up being around food. Probably because, by the time I realized I had failed to take a single photo all day long, I was making dinner.

030811-randomcrapfood (4 of 4)

030811-randomcrapfood (1 of 4)

I love the reflection of the kitchen in the spoon here.

030811-randomcrapfood (3 of 4)

030811-randomcrapfood (1 of 1)

Day two of the New/Old Me plan went ok. Doing well on the eating part but didn't have time to work out today. Miss Daisy got up early and ate into my workout time.  Guess I just need to get up earlier tomorrow.


Joy said...

I do love the reflection picture too, but only after you mentioned it. Can you crop it and zoom it in? Eyes only see what they want, not always what the photographer intends to show...

MACMD said...

Joy- I thought about that but 2 things occurred to me: 1) This was taken at a high ISO and it would have got really noisy. 2) The photo would have lacked context, to me. I like that you have to linger to see it, actually.

e said...

I love the pics of random crap. I liked the reflection too, and I agree that it's great that you only see if you linger and notice stuff. Keep it up!

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