Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, not really.

The Great Weight Loss Shame Off is OFF. As in no more. Turns out my opponent, Jess, went and started cooking herself another bun in her very productive oven. Congrats to her, of course. I think she's nuts (she already has 3!) but I can see where, if she keeps this up, she could get a contract from Lifestyle for a reality-based TV show. So, I get it.

I also get the default prize as "winner" of the Shame Off, even though today's weigh-in was poor. 150.8lbs. Seriously!? Can I get a break? PLEASE can I break 150 sometime soon? Please!!!!!!! (Yes, I'm completely ignoring the fact that I went to two birthday parties this weekend and ate lasagna, massive polish hot-dogs, and two lots of cake with oodles of frosting.)

As for that embarassing pic the loser is supposed to post, I'm debating letting Jess off the hook, given her situation. OR badgering her to reveal her belly on her blog. (Not that I'm even sure she'd do the last. Plus, it seems kinda mean. It's not like she really LOST; she kinda dropped out on a technicality.)

Let me see, which hat shall I wear today? Naughty or nice?


e said...

So ... um ... congratulations? To both of you?

MsRantyPants Herself said...


Jess said...

Yeah. Um, hi! Apparently pregnant chick loser here!

I am so over it. I mean, really. I didn't PLAN to get pregnant. I just have super eggs, I guess.

You win. Hats off to you Ms. R.

*sigh* I guess maybe again next year? *sob*

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