Friday, October 08, 2010

Constructive Feedback Friday

I follow a number of blogs that provide awesome tips and tutorials on how to take or edit better pictures. Many of them have photography challenges or other types of opportunities for budding photographers to submit their work for critique. Usually, I'm full of great intentions and plan on submitting something to these things but then either forget or run out of time. Today I was determined to get one in for "Constructive Feedback Friday" on I Heart Faces.

The concept is that you post a pic that you would like to get a critique or advice on and then folks who know what they're doing, provide said advice. For free. I mean, HELLO, people pay money for this stuff. How can I NOT participate?

So, here is my submission for Constructive Feedback Friday:

My edited version, in Lightroom (which I am still learning)

EXIF DATA (fancy info for those who get this stuff)
ISO 1600
SS 1/250
(Obviously not working with a lot of light here...)

for blog-007

Unedited file and link to high-res photo: 
Daisy Month 19_85mm test 007

What exactly is it that I'm uncertain about in this photo? Well, I like the composition a lot but I just didn't seem to be able to get the "pop" from the edited product that I wanted without skewing the contrast, saturation, and sharpness to a place where it knocked the whole thing off-balance. I obviously like the edited version better - it has more pop - but it's missing something. That "quality" that pro photographers give their images, that makes the eyes dance while the skin stays peaches-and-cream.

However, all that said, all others kinds of advice, recommendations etc... are welcome. I don't know what I don't know, know-what-I-mean?

Looking forward to my critique! Thanks, "I Heart Faces"


Andrea said...

This photo is rather noisy, so I using a Noise Reduction plug-in would help greatly. One I highly suggest is Noiseware by Imagenomic. They have a free community version that operates outside of your photo editing program. Their different paid versions work as plug-ins for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Elements.

I also would try to tone down the red on her face and clone out the pink handle in the background. Beyond that, some slight adjustments in levels would finish it off.

Here's my fix of your adorable photo:

MsRantyPants Herself said...

Andrea - thank you SO MUCH. This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I love what you did with the pic. Beautiful! (Of course, my kid, so I'm bias.) The info on the noise reduction programs is sup er helpful also. You hit upon exactly what bothered me on my edit - noise and the red-ness. Me happy.

Holly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that edit!... now to figure out how to do it on my own! LOL

Drew said...

I'm so glad you liked the edit. I knew about noiseware reduction software for months before I ever tried it. I guess I didn't really "get it". Then, I saw someone's edit for Fix-it Friday and was astounded at the difference in the photo. I tried out the Community version, loved it, and then bought the full version and never regretted it for a second. Take care!

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