Monday, October 18, 2010

How to become a famous blogger

Next week I am going to be a featured blogger on "The Skinny Scoop" a website devoted to helping blogging moms poll other moms about topics from provocative to mundane.

I am suddenly filled with a sense of panic and trepidation. I would love to build my readership and so I feel some pressure to be extra vivacious and interesting this week (I say only "extra" because I already consider myself to be normal amounts of vivacious and interesting... and modest.)

The thing is, I don't want the last five posts my new readers (should there be any) peruse, to be about well... I don't know, what do I usually post here? The mundane details of my life: photography, dieting, motherhood, my aching back (it is aching btw, I think I overdid it this weekend.) Which, I guess is sort of silly because there's no point in selling this here space on the web as being anything other than what it actually is. The old bait-and-swap, if you will, will only result in a short term peak in traffic, followed by a very rapid desertion and that will just hurt my feelings. (No, really! Underneath this rock-hard exterior is a heart.)

However, I am assured by a fellow blogger that this is all it takes to be famous:

Courtesy of Angela England via Roni Noone's blog

Well, there's a relief. All I have to do is be.

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e said...

Yup, just be yourself. They either like it or they don't. And they will. Woo hoo!

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