Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Great Weight Loss Shame Off – Week 3 and 4

Last week I was soooo busy I forgot to post my weight *progress*. Ok, maybe I was busy but didn’t exactly FORGET. It was more like I did not want to admit that I went backwards.

Last time I posted, I was here. This week… I’m in exactly the same place. Still trying to kiss that 150 goodbye.

Although you don’t know it (because I *forgot* to post about it) this actually represents a week-over-week loss. Last week I was actually 151.8lbs. So, yay for me, despite drinking like a fish and eating truffled Mac and Cheese at 1am in the morning last week, I managed to get back to square one.


None of this, however, bodes well for the 15lbs goal me and Jess from Dude & Sweeties set for ourselves a month ago.We’re 4 weeks in to our 8 week plan and I’ve only lost 2.4lbs. The only “good” thing is that I think she’s not doing an awful lot better.

However, with no trips planned in the next week, no relatives in town to take to dinners out, and a busy week ahead, I’m aiming to kiss the 50s goodbye. Last night I got out the ole Lean-Mean-Fat-Reducing-Grilling-Machine and meanly grilled some mango curry chicken, which Daisy and I gobbled up – she with tater tots and peas (yes, my kid eats peas – let the mommy hate begin) and me with just the peas.

Ok, well, maybe I DID eat a tot or two as I was dishing up. You see, this is my problem…

(This and about 30 other things, of course.)


Jess said...

Yeah. I'm actually up a few pounds. Like, 3.

So totally not doing better. I mean, I don't think I could really be failing more spectacularly if I tried.

MsRantyPants Herself said...

Well, the challenge does have SHAME in the title. Aparently, we have more than enough of that to go around. Battle on sista!

kg said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping in on my blog, it's always fun to meet fellow bloggers and photographers. I appreciate this post and your honesty as I am stuck at just about the same exact spot as you and am struggling with the last 15!!!

e said...

Hang in there ladies! I'm super proud of you all for not giving up and taking care of yourselves.

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