Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stop Whining!

It's only one hour since my last post and already I'm sick to death of my own whining and complaining.

Waaa waaa waaa, I'm bored, I'm restless, waa waaaaa.

If you're saying "give me a break, girl", I don't blame you. Sorry for subjecting my loyal readers to such pathetic and pointless griping about my lot in life.

Don't worry. No need to post helpful advice. I need to get out with friends, book a trip to Southern California, and start doing one chore an evening.

Yes, you just witnessed the entire range of emotions of this British ex-pat... in two hours.

I told you I wasn't that deep.


e said...

Yay - trip to SoCal!! You know what that means - we get to hang out. Oh yeah. When? Whenwhenwhenwhen??

Joy said...

It's fun to read nonetheless haha...

I'm getting very close to booking a trip to NYC haha....I think that should beat SoCal any day but then again, I've never been so we'll see.

Honestly...Sacto is soooo boring...I wish I didn't married someone who's in love with it so much!

Chester The Bear said...

A Brit expat whining? No. THAT never happens.

Oh... Wait.

Yes it does.

Anonymous said...

Britski - this ain't griping - it's the truth!! Living on Mars would be more fun than Sacraghetto. Read my comment on your "zzz" post and get your arse to my house. LOL. We'll load up the convertible and piss off to Richmond marina for a day. Or Sausalito. Or hang by my local lake. I've found nooks & crannies containing life, here:

Scroll down to see the lake in Campus Commons, it's in a post called "Nous Arrivez". It's freakin lovely. Let's have a picnic.

not anonymous, honest said...

Oh crap. I'm not anonymous. I type too quickly ... it's me: CAW. LOL

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