Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back at the airport again

Sorry, no photos this time - you're just going to have to take me on my word. I'm still endlessly fascinated by the fact that I can connect to the internet while while waiting to board my plane, so this is just a quick post to entertain me.

Off to Portland this time, just for the day. I'm going with the CEO of my current company (also CEO of my previous company), the SVP of my current company, and the President of my previous company (also the wife of my SVP). All rather convulted... but anyway it should be "fun". When I told people at the office I had to spend 10 hours with these three people a lot of them gave me a look of deep sympathy. They're all really nice, however, in their own way but each strong and very different personalities. Between the four of us we represent almost every different variation of an A-type personality.

Yes, it will be fun...

Stay tuned for stories tomorrow...

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