Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Put a woman in charge!

That's what Merle Haggard thinks. The day's best story is definitely the one about the old country legend writing a song especially to support Hill's bid for the Whitehouse.

It was so funny, I almost spat out my Lean Cuisine at lunch while reading it, so I thought I'd post it here for you:

Eight years in the White House
With the know-how we need
When you walk with a leader
You learn how to lead
And who kept her head high
When it could have been down
Who ran the show
When the scandal hit town
This country needs to be honest.
Changes need to be large.
Something like a big switch of gender.
Let's put a woman in charge
Put a woman in charge of the Army.
Put a woman in charge of the wheel.
The country owes it to Hillary.
And Hillary owes it to Bill.

And here was I thinking that all those country-music folks were right-wing rednecks!

Without doubt, the best news story of the day.

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Chester The Bear said...

It was Mark Twain who once wrote "It doesn't matter who you vote for, you still end up with a politician."

In the Excited States, in Great Britain, and even here in Oz, politicians are all the same, largely visionless, controlled by faceless minders whose last experience of the real world dates back to primary school, largely impotent and captive of the special interest with the biggest cheque book.

That people around the world are so interested in a US Presidential election that's still 20 months away is baffling. We really need to get out more.

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