Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From rapped to ripped

I've been seeing a number of articles flying around lately announcing the possible "death" of rap music; in 2006 sales of rap albums were down 20%. Not that I keep up with the rap and hip-hop scene any more (that was sooo me of the 90s) but it is true that I haven't heard a catchy hip-hop or rap track in a very long time (Gold Digger being a notable exception).

With this in mind, today I saw the first nail hammered into rap's coffin: LL Cool J, not only on Fox News morning show (with the "white guys in ties") but promoting his new book - The Platinum Workout.

Mr. Cool J (as the white guys in ties referred to him) has aparently given up on the hip-hop scene to pursue skip-hop. Yes, that's right he's now the black Richard Simmons and best of all, he's partnering with none-other than Jarod from the Subway commercials, to promote healthy eating through those delicious low-fat turkey subs.

Next, watch for Jay-Z's Yoga workout...
(Final note: DAMN that man looks good, doesn't he?)


Chester The Bear said...

it's amazing what judicious use of growth hormone and a few sit ups can do.

caw said...

LOL chester. jeeze, i hope i've seen the back of rap music. i find so much of that stuff just sends me into a tizz. it hurts my head. i don't quite know why. all those heavy backbeats and ranting just fries my senses.

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