Thursday, January 20, 2011

My birthday weekend

That's right. A whole weekend. My self-absorption knows no bounds.

As you know, I threw myself a party on Saturday, with 15 of my favorite ladies.

I have built an amazing and diverse group of friends in the past few years. It was wonderful to have them all (with a couple of notable exceptions) in the room at one time, no kids, no husbands and MIMOSAS! (Of course, mimosas.)

Birthday Brunch 2011-19

Birthday Brunch 2011-23

Birthday Brunch 2011-24

See more pics here

There was also A LOT of food. Since it was a pot-luck brunch, I got to sample all kinds of yummy foods from bacon scones to egg bakes to baked brie and coffee cakes - two different kinds. Yes, the top button on my jeans was threatening to pop open by the time we were done.

Birthday Brunch 2011-6

On Monday, which also happened to be a day-off for me (score!) Mum, Dad, Daisy and I headed up to Nevada City, a little old town in the foothills. It just so happened that the weather was doing a thing called "inversion" (all weather-girl job offers welcomed) and so it was foggy and dreary in Sacramento but warm and sunshiney 2,500 feet up in Nevada City. (Double-score!)

I had fun taking pictures.

Nevada City Jan11-6635

Nevada City Jan11-6645

Nevada City Jan11-6643

Nevada City Jan11-6600

Nevada City Jan11-6565

Nevada City Jan11-6560

Nevada City Jan11-6576

Daisy had fun running around with Nan and hamming it up.

Nevada City Jan11-6494


And we had ice-cream. In January. In short-sleeves. I. KID. YOU. NOT.


Nevada City Jan11-6578

You can see more pics from Nevada City here.

On Tuesday, my actual birthday, I had to go into the office for a meeting. Boo Hiss! But in the evening we all went out for dinner at Paragary's in mid-town Sac and tempted fate with a two year old in a fancy restaurant. She did ok, by the way, although making it so is getting to be harder and harder work these days.

And thus ended my first day one year younger.

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e said...

CRAP! I'd been looking out for your birthday and it was Tuesday, the most ridiculous day I've had so far this year. Ok, tomorrow, I call and sing. Twice. To make up for it. Did I ever mention I'm a bad friend?

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