Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ms. Ranty Pants recommends

One of the things I love is to see good people, good friends, trying something new and succeeding. And I like to do anything I can to promote them to anyone and everyone I know.

Recently, a number of friends have forged ahead and put themselves out there in new ventures. 

That's why I'm starting: "Ms. Ranty Pants Recommends..."

In this first post, I'm going for a left-brain, right-brain mix.

Trancefusion Dance Company and Fusion Fit

My friend, Mala, is originally from India and, in addition to being a talented graphic designer, she is also an awesome dancer and choreographer. She started Trancefusion Dance Company several years ago and now she is adding a new string to her bow with Fusion Fit.

Mala says, "A year ago I looked into the mirror and was absolutely enraged at what I'd done to myself. I decided it was time to change and started watching what I ate and exercised regularly. No pain no gain became my motto. While at it I realized music and group classes were big motivation factors as was incorporating the fun factor to it. I also enjoyed doing a variety of exercises especially yoga, zumba and the boot camps offered at my gym. Adding variety helped get rid of the boredom associated with working out. So I wondered what if there was one class which was a fusion of all styles and could be done to my kind of heart pumping Bollywood music and voila...FusionFit is born. It will have something for everyone and I hope I can keep folks motivated to stay healthy and fit while having loads of fun and provide some "me" time for all - since we know how easy it is to skip that in our daily lives."

All my mom friends reading this can identify with what Mala says, I'm 100% confident.  So, I'm so proud of Mala. She looks fantastic in her new, svelte body and, more than that, she seems comfortable in her own skin.

FusionFit  launches March 5th, 2011. Here are details of the opening event which you should definitely attend to learn more.

3/5/11 - from 5:00pm to 7:00 pm at the Indian Community Center, 196 Blue Ravine Rd, sute#150 Folsom CA 95630.

Come to the opening event and you can even enter to win prizes and special class discounts

Class rates start from $35 per month with a drop-in rate of $15, so you can check-out a couple of classes before you pay the lower, monthly rate.

Fusion Fit can be found online here:

Five Beez Technologeez

My friend, Bobby, has started a great new service for all of those nightmarish PC issues. Man, I wish I had known this when I was dealing with my new computer issues several months ago. Grrr.

Bobby has 20 years of I.T. experience and he couples this with being "not your typical computer geek." He's fun, friendly, and prompt. I work with him at our "day jobs" and he's just one of the best IT peeps I know.

With FiveBeez, Bobby is offering low flat rates for those of us who can't afford our own IT department; guaranteed work; and if by chance there is no resolution you will not be charged a penny! I'm not kidding. What a deal! This also means no "visit fee"... ever! Other companies charge you just to ring your doorbell. Score!

His service area is a 60 mile radius of Sacramento and he can even offer remote assistance, so you don't necessarily have to wait for him to negotiate rush-hour traffic to reach you!

To learn more, go to

Moonberry Rain

My friend, Meghan, is a star with a needle-and-thread. She created the apron above for my daughter, Daisy (hence the D monogram.) Also seen below being put to good use.

I bought seven or eight of these adorable things for the daughters of my friends at Christmas and they were hits all around.

Daisy Month 22_Jan111 (18 of 18)

Her etsy store, Moonberry Rain, has lots of other gorgeous aprons for sale and her main focus is creating super-cute frilly, yet functional aprons for the little ladies. However, there are also lots of no frills, no nonsense cover-ups for the little boys too!

In addition to the items listed in her online store, she will make various types of custom orders. For instance, if you'd like to stick with a special theme or color combination (like I asked her to do), she can work with you to make that happen. Also, she can make pretend-play matching pot holders to go with the apron.

Please stop by her store here:

Please, as and when you can, go out there and support these great new business ventures. I wouldn't promote them if I didn't feel they were good people doing great work.

And to confirm, none of them approached me to do this post. It was all my idea and I was not compensated by any of them in any way.


pauline said...

Great talented people, so nice of you to give them their just recognition.

e said...

Very cool stuff. I can't really patronize FusionFit because I live in LA, ditto with Bobby, but the little aprons can be mailed anywhere.

And you know, even if they had given you something for your nice post, that wouldn't change anything. You would not recommend a business you didn't believe in, even if they compensated you.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

I love this!

Mala said...

I'd just like to say that you are a truly wonderful person and I'm very lucky to have you as a friend. The love and support you show is tremendous. A big Thank You!

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