Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes a fire up your arse is all you need

A couple of weeks ago I received some constructive criticism from my boss about my webinar performance. (Remember, I asked my boss to help me become a better presenter/speaker?) Although it was kind, positive, and helpful on a tactical level, it was still pretty tough to take. I don't like advice or criticism - as I said, I want to figure it out all myself because somewhere deep down I seem to have some bizarre belief that I was born, innately, with all the world's knowledge locked somewhere in my brain.

Can I get a "yeah right?"

Anyway, I had my first opportunity to put her recommendations to work last Friday on a webinar for a prospect here locally. And wouldn't you believe it - I won the account on the same day! I spoke to the President 30 minutes after the webinar and he made the commitment there and then.

Um, wow!

Then, today, I had another webinar with a prospect on the east coast. This one hasn't turned out to be quite as definitive yet but I definitely left the online meeting with the feeling that we are quite solidly in the game to win the business.

Now, this one I would really like to win because I know two of our competitors are going head-to-head with us right now. After losing some big accounts to a specific competitor of late, we've (I've) learned a lot about how to better present our product to address objections as well as how to price our product to be competitive (our pricing models are not apples-to-apples so it's often hard.)

Let's hope this "new sales attitude" carries me through to the close. Cross all your bits for me!

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e said...

I remain of the opinion that coaching is what separates good from extraordinary. Good for you for doing what you knew would take you to the next level, even though it was hard. I'm very proud of you.

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