Thursday, May 22, 2008

He won! I won! He won! I won!

Whoooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! This HARDLY EVER happens to me. David Cook, my favorite in American Idol, actually took the whole competition last night - by 12 million votes! Not only did I want him to win because I liked him, I had actually pulled his name out of a hat and therefore won a pool at Joss' work. (Ok, Joss physically did the pulling but he was my pick.) We went to a party at Hubbie's boss' house to watch the finale and I have to tell you I was flabberghasted when Seafoam said "...Cook". Hubbie and I just sort of stared at each other in disbelief - we had really convinced ourself that Simon had handed it to Archuletta on a plate the night before. (Something Mr. Cowell had to back-pedal on before the announcement -- that should have been a clue in itself.)

So, I eat my hat on my previous post, and gladly. Although I'm still not entirely convinced that he wanted to win the whole thing. I guess we'll never know.

Now I just pray, pray, pray that they don't have a bunch of Archuleta-type ballads lined-up for his first album. I would hate to see him re-packaged into a candy-pop, teen sensation. Hopefully he can do in rock/alternative what Carrie Underwood did in Country.

In tribute to America finally finding a true talent, I'm posting not his finale song (the pre-requisite song about "this moment") but his rendition of Billie Jean, the moment when everyone's eyes just opened-up and we all thought "Oh my God, there's actually a real star on the stage."



Urban Koda said...

Definitely the better of the two contestants.

You would have enjoyed the reaction of the folks here in Utah... I know I did!

First the news kept talking about how close the vote was... "Only 12 million votes separated them".

Then they cut across to the local basketball arena where they had a huge viewing party.

"David....." The crowd got to their feet.... "Cook!" A cheer starts, and then quickly changes to shock and horrifed gasps.

Next they bring on some fan... 18 year old girl, who looks like her dog just died... "Sob! Sob! It's not fair! David Archileto was supposed to win... Sob! Sniff! Sob!

I'm probably going to hell, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it!

e said...

HAHAHAHA! Didn't follow the competition at all, but that was funny. And yay for David Cook.

Mala said...

Congratulations to you for winning the bet and thanks for posting the video, or else I wouldn't know what his voice was like. He's GOOD!

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