Monday, April 28, 2008


Summer has arrived suddenly here in Sacraghetto. Yesterday temperatures nudged 90 degrees, highlighting the woeful inadequacy of our air conditioning system. I swear, I could blow cooler air harder than that unit. We finally succumbed to turning it on when the temperature reached 80 yesterday and one hour later the temperature gage said 83. Yes, that's right, it went UP. Even this morning at 4:30 as I headed out to the gym, the thing was grinding along with a net cooling effect of only 79 degrees. It was 53 outside but still 79 in our house. Nuts.

Fortunately, when we bought the house, we purchased a home warranty that covered a/c. So, with the forecast predicting more 80+ temps, we're going to be calling them today.

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Linh and Yogi said...

don't remind me of the Sac heat...especially this year!

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