Friday, April 11, 2008

America got it all wrong. Michael Johns is ALRIGHT!

Oh the travesty! Michael Johns, the hottie from down-under with a voice that makes me swoon, was eliminated last night on American Idol.

Although I didn't expect him to win (I think that has to be reserved for the all-around, amazing talent of David Cook), there is no way I would have eliminated him before some of the witless wonders still remaining on the show. For instance:

  • The country whiner, Kristy-Lee Cook who is off-key 90% of the time and who, when on stage, looks like she's got a stick up her ass.
  • The dreaded-dreadlocks of the whispering wonder, Jason Castro, whose limited vocal talents maxed out weeks ago and whose face alternates between stoned and in-pain when he sings.
  • And the oh-so-freakin' annoying, Brooke White, whose sugar-sweetness and heart-on-her-sleeve emotionality is just too sickening for me and Hubby to watch. Oh, and yes, her singing SUCKS too - in the groups numbers on Idol Gives Back the other night, we could hear her through the chorus, flat as a pancake. (Which is the only way you would hear her in a chorus, since her voice has the power of of a 1970s Citroen)

Sniff. I hope he gets a recording contract real soon so these three can attend his concerts when they dissapear back into obscurity.

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e said...

Oh America. You let me down. :o(

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