Friday, April 04, 2008

Am I getting OLD?

One of the nifty things about DirectTV is that they stream some of the XM radio stations on their upper channels. Being fairly miffed with the constant repetition of 10 songs and obnoxious ads on commercial radio out here, I have found myself tuning in more and more to XM via DTV. Plus, it has the added advantage of being on every TV in the house, so (unlike my iPod) I can turn on all the TVs and have the music follow me around the house.

Today I found myself tuning into "90s on 9" (a frequent favorite of mine along with reggae on "The Joint" and R&B on"Suite 62") and upon hearing LFO's "Summer Girls", the dreaded thought went through my head that signals the beginning of my mental decline: "Why don't they make songs like this anymore?"

Immediately I recognized that I was standing on a precipice, dangerously close to landing in the land of discontented maturity. What next? Yelling at cheeky teenagers or rolling my eyes at the latest fashion trend? WORSE STILL... complaining about taxes and (God forbid) voting REPUBLICAN!!!???

This has to stop before I sell my soul to the devil (aka: the RNC). I'm changing the channel to XM Hitlist where Timbaland and Timberlake can ressurect whatever's left of my youthful spirit.


e said...

Oh shut up. I found out last week that 80's music is now officially on the oldies channels. Pfft.

Urban Koda said...

I was distressed to find the radio in the van tuned to the soft, easy listening sounds of FM 100 a few weeks back. The CD player now contains Green Day, Foo Fighters and Linkin Park.

The wife has also decided to vote Libertarian or Democrat this year.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm a good or a bad influence on her...

TravelVixen said...

Koda, is your wife schizophrenic? I can't imagine two more opposite choices than the Dems and the Libertarians.

Urban Koda said...

No, I think it's just my influence...

The problem with Utah is that voting Republican is what everyone does. So if you are the Republican candidate you are almost guaranteed a win. The problem with that is that the Republicans then do whatever they want. I'll save you the rant on high taxes and minimal education spending in Utah.

We're both lean pretty strongly on the libertarian side of things, but there's not much of a chance of a libertarian winning any major races.

We used to vote Republican, but with the last couple of elections, we've gotten a federal government that is spending out of control, limiting freedoms and initiating wars. I know the last thing is expected from Republicans, but the first two are things they used as excuses why we shouldn't vote for the dems.

Ultimately we both just want something different. At least if we vote democrat, I think there is more chance of us getting what we expect.

Personally I really like Obama. I think we disagree on about every issue, but my impression of him is that he's willing to talk things through and basically honest. The same cannot be said for the current administration.

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