Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo A Day: Wednesday, July 21 2010

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This photo was actually taken by Hubby, obvy. It's me and little miss, settling down for a round of story-telling before bedtime. As you can see she is bleary-eyed because she is not only tired but sick, poor thing.

Of course, I am now sick too. Pretty much no way that you can smooch with your sick 15 month old, without sharing in the "love".

Photo effects by moi, however, using my new play-toy (for 30 days while it's free, anyway) "Lightroom". Loving it! Turned an awful photo of me at the end of the day, into a half-way decent one.

Could be worth the $300 for that alone!

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e said...

Nice shot, and yes, of course I appreciate the blogging opp! That's the great thing about a blog, everything sucky in real life makes for a good blog post. Silver lining!

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