Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Are you up for a little silliness?

A friend of mine posted a link to a video on my Facebook account over the weekend. The video, posted below, is a Volkswagen commercial (of all things!) but, as she knew it would, it strummed a little chord in my mischevious mind and almost even made me cry (I said almost).

The reason for all the nutty emotions over a commercial is it's whimsical nature and the sudden jolt of reality that something so simple can brighten so many people's days. It's so against the grain of our serious culture, where silly behaviour in adults is frowned-upon, categorized as "juvenile", "immature", "irresponsible" (what if you fell???) or just "plain crazy".

The fact that so many people (particularly adults) were open to jumping on this slide, in a public place, WITH OTHERS WATCHING, that they threw aside routine and any fears they might of had about being judged by others, tells me that something is missing in our culture's definition of adulthood. The smiles on people's faces say it all.

So, it got me to thinking... what could I do, what could YOU do, to bring a little silliness into your week?

That's why I'm throwing out a challenge, to me, to you, and to those you love, to do something silly this week. Something completely out of character (I say this because some of us are already more silly than others). Something that requires you to throw fear of being judged or labeled, to one side. Something goofy, a little wacko, a tad nuts, something that would have elicited the reaction "grow up!" from your mother or father.

Go on! You know you want to!

Do it and then post your experience here in comments, on my FB wall, or even shoot me a picture (if you caught it on camera) to britvixen@london.com. If you don't mind (and tell me if you do), I'll even post the results on a future post here next week, including my own escapades, whatever they might be.


Here's a little inspiration to get you started, although I should provide a disclaimer and say that I am not promoting any dangerous behavior. Choosing to slide down the bannister with no underwear on is something you do at your own risk!

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e said...

I love it. I think I will take on writing all my notes in crayons this week. Not terribly efficient, but it'll be awesome.

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