Monday, July 26, 2010

It's official: Ms. Ranty Pants joins the World Wide Web

Having tweaked the blog's design, layout, and name, this lunch time I set out to purchase plus for Missy's blog.

The names are now mine, all mine, and all the forwarding is taken care of. So now you can view both blogs, wherever they live, now or in the future, without all the "blogger" clutter.

I've also opened up my twitter feed. It was previously locked/private but I sort of forgot why I did that, so it no longer is. However, I changed my twitter name to "msrantypants" (click the name to find my feed and "follow me") just for a little added identity protection. Most of you know who I am already but, for the occasional drop-by, I like it better that way.

I have NO IDEA what the purpose of this tweaking and spouffing-up is for. I have no grand plans for my blogs. Just felt a need for a change.

Speaking of change, I have a hair appointment next week and am going to tell my hairdresser to send me blonde. My mother will be soooo excited but most of my friends seem to prefer me as a brunette. Either way, I'll make someone happy. For those of you that know me personally, you're already aware that I change my hair all the time, so this is no big shakes. Don't panic, though, I won't be throwing bleach on my head anytime soon. We're talking a sort of dark, golden blond. This is the pic I'll be taking with me to the hairdresser... maybe a little less red but we'll see...

Thanksgiving 08 048b

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