Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daisy's Sacramento: July 24 2010

Cough and cold be damned! Ms. Daisy and I were not going to be stopped by a few sniffles from making this weekend the first in our quest for world domination. Ok, well, let's reel that back a bit and say just Sacramento domination.

(If you've no idea what I'm talking about, then you're majorly CAPTURED. You missed a post, dear friend. Catch up and read more often!)

I had originally planned to drive us to midtown Sacramento for the new "Midtown Bazaar." Well, I executed that plan and it was bunk. One small parking lot of uninspiring jewelry and t-shirt vendors. Poor Sacraghetto tries so hard to have these little community/cultural shindigs but seems to come up short every time. Enough of that, though: one of the reasons for this new photo project was to stop bagging on Sacramento and start finding some interesting stuf... from Daisy's perspecitve.

It started off rocky, I don't mind telling you. Trying to find something for a sick, cranky toddler to engage with on a fairly dead mid-town street on a Saturday morning, was hard. We walked blocks and I took some pictures here and there, me trying desperately to ignore some folks who looked at me strangely. Some even stopped their conversation to stare at me as if I was being rude! And no, I wasn't taking pictures of them just near them. After said blocks, we ended up at Starbucks. I was thirsty and hot and missy was cranky, plus I needed a distraction to get a binky out of her mouth since she doesn't interact with her environment when she has the darned thing in.

After Starbucks, an apple juice and some bread with mayonnaise (hey, you do what you got to do), Daisy started to lean out of her stroller and point at things. That's when I grabbed my camera and began snapping.

So, artistically or not, these are the things that Daisy found interesting today on J street in Midtown Sacramento...

Fishy Tiles... on the side of the OfficeMax building, of all places

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 125

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 131

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 128

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 138

A Tattoo Parlor Building and Sign
(SNAKES AND TATTOOS!? This does not bode well!!!!!)

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 144

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 146

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 149

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 169

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 175

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 158

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 159

"Man!" Which she would yell at any man she saw within 50 feet
Again, not liking the trends here. Tattoos, snakes, men...

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 162

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 133

Herself, in reflection.
Oh, gawd... the list is not flattering, is it?

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 189

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 190

And a few other random things along the way...

Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 191

A pole smothered in flyers, old and new...
Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 101

A colorful booth of kids' clothes...
Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 094

Sacramento Memorial Auditorium
Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 098

Murals on the The Bread Store
Daisy's Sacramento_07242010 105

Everything was either taken from Daisy's view-point (stroller-level) and/or because she showed an interest in it. Much of it required shooting on-the-go because, every time I stopped, Missy started thumping her feet agains the stroller.

You can see the whole set here


Kimberly said...

Love it!!! What a great idea :)

e said...

Great fun. I love her little pointy finger. As well as the men, tats, and snakes. Good luck with that.

Zee Poodle said...

Love your new design! Gorgeous and upbeat and happy. I'm also loving little Miss Daisy looking at & pointing at everything, touching all the goodies. She is one cutey!

CAW xxx

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