Monday, January 04, 2010

Skipping the kvetch

I had planned to recap my two weeks vacation from hell but, as I started to write it in my head this past weekend, I realized I was actually quite done with my own misery and very ready to move on.

So, for those of you who are not connected to me on FB, here is the non-emotional, non-kvetchy version, just to get you up-to-speed:

  • December 18th - last day of work
  • December 19th - Mum rushed to hospital with broken hip
  • December 20th - Mum has partial hip replacement surgery. Vacation to Jamaica cancelled.
  • December 20th - 23rd - rushing to-and-from the hospital and trying to get everything ready for Xmas, especially since I would now be hosting @ Mum and Dad's house.
  • December 23rd - Mum home from hospital
  • December 25th - Christmas a success - yay!
  • December 26th - 29th - blissful four days of no drama.
  • December 30th - Daisy projectile vomits
  • December 31st - Daisy projectile vomits in her crib. Plan to skip midnight and go to bed early is skuppered by dogs barking at firecrackers. In bed @ 3am, get 4 hours of sleep. Ouch.
  • January 1st - we all wake up sick with a killer stomach flu that leaves us rolling around on the floor in misery. Hubby ends up in Emergency Room with dehydration. Daisy goes to urgent care but is told to ride it out.
  • January 2nd - 3rd - nursing poor Daisy slowly back to health to avoid a recurrence of the vomiting cycle. Poor thing is mad and unhappy when awake but sleeps 18 out of 24 hours each day. Hubby and I thoroughly exhausted.

Yay ... and now I'm back to work and very happy to be there. So, let's move on with some positivity.

My favorite things from 2009...

  • Events: Daisy being born. Mum and Dad moving out here.
  • TV: Modern Family - a comedy show that actually makes me laugh - yay! Vampire Diaries - my Thursday night guilty pleasure.
  • Music: Adam Lambert's new CD. I'm playing it endlessly. I don't really care that he kissed some guy on TV, btw, so don't even go there.

What I'm planning to achieve in 2010...

  1. That photography class - finally! Oh, and probably a Photoshop class too. I'd like to be taking my friends' family's holiday pics in October/November for some extra cash.
  2. Health for my hip - mission one is strengthen and prevent injury. First step: change doctors and medical groups. Get a different perspective. Watch this space.
  3. Better health for my finances - sell the Altima, reduce my credit card debt, watch what I spend, go on mini-vacations instead of big ones in '10. Save.
  4. Sell more @ work. Move some mountains. Find the fire to reach my potential in my current job.
  5. Rebook my vacation to Jamaica and get the hell out of dodge. (This doesn't count against #3 because the money is already spent.)
  6. Work in the back yard with Hubby and make it a great play space for Daisy in 2010.
  7. Go through every room and every cupboard in the house and throw out unnecessary crap. Organize and declutter.
  8. Continue the weight loss process and focus more on strength/muscle-tone. Get bikini abs for #5.
  9. Enjoy Daisy. Love my husband. Spend time with my parents. Appreciate the ones I love.

And with that, I bid you a Happy New Year. Hope your 2010 turns out to be everything you hoped it would be when that clock stuck midnight. For me, I was just hoping for a good night's sleep, so it's only up from there!


Urban Koda said...

Sounds like some awesome plans for 2010!! Looking forward to following along here.

e said...

Woo hoo!

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