Friday, August 27, 2010

A Photo A Day - The colors of childhood

Since becoming more serious about this whole photography thing, I find myself noticing more visual details in my everyday life. It's amazing how, all of a sudden, you go from looking at a pile of boring-ole dishes, to framing it from the camera's eye, analyzing light, color, and contrast. You know, it actually makes ordinary life that much more interesting. I'm loving every minute of it!

Which is how I came to stop myself in the middle of doing dishes this afternoon to grab my camera and shoot these fun, colorful shots. Kids' stuff is so full of color. I can't imagine the day when my life goes back to boring adult shades again. Although, of course, I'll probably get a few more dishes done. ;o)

august 2010 019

august 2010 028

august 2010 023

august 2010 036

august 2010 037

august 2010 039

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e said...

I love it. It's wonderful to be looking at everything through a camera's lens. It makes everything so much more interesting, plus you really stop to notice the details that you might have missed otherwise. Great photos lurk EVERYWHERE. Excellent work.

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