Monday, October 05, 2009

Friday Motivation - Week 2 (On Monday)

Since I was on a business trip last week, I missed the opportunity to post my Friday Motivation picture and stats. However, since I'm not one to puss-out and use all that fattening conference food as an excuse, I weighed myself on Saturday morning and am posting Saturday's Friday Motivation on Monday. (Ahem)

Honeymoon_07 188

This week's picture is from our honeymoon in Belize in June of 2007. Here I'm sitting on top of El Castillo, a Mayan pyramid at the ruins in Xunantunich. I chose this one because I'm not the smallest I've ever been here but I'm toned and comfortable with myself which, quite frankly, are two factors more important to me than any number on the scale.

That aside, I do need something to measure my goals by, so here we go with the dreaded stats. Not much to celebrate over except to say that I didn't put on weight last week, despite not working out, drinking like a fish, and eating conference food.

LBS TO GOAL: 13.6 lbs

I guess I just need to do better this week.

As for my trip... man it was exhausting. 3 days of being in sales mode from 7am to 11pm - breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails (and boy, were there cocktails!) That said, it was the longest stint of time that I've spent just being "me" since Daisy was born. It was at once freeing and alien. I was so busy most of the time that, although I missed her, I was doing fine. That was until I saw a mommy and her baby bouncing around in the hotel pool on the last day, which brought tears to my eyes and sent me checking-out and speeding home.

During my conference, however, I had somewhat of a revelation.

When I couldn't get on one of the 3 working cardio machines at the hotel "fitness center" on Thursday morning, I decided instead to don a pair of jeans, some sneakers and two layers of sweater (because it was about 30 degrees!) and take a long walk to-and-from Starbucks. It was about one third of the way there, as I was striding in full-force down the strip, that I realized that my hip didn't hurt. Not one iota. Not my hip, not my thigh, not my knees. (My pinkie toe is another issue we won't address here.) For the first time, it actually occurred to me that I felt... well... normal! This was elating but surprising because I had been traipsing around all Wednesday in ridiculously high-heeled boots and had spent a good portion of my day on my feet in said high-heeled boots.

Was it the altitude? The crisp morning air? Of course, it definitely got me to wondering, especially when I woke up on Saturday morning after my first afternoon/night home, feeling as though I'd been hit by a truck.

The variables from my conference days in Tahoe as opposed to my regular days at home were:
  1. More time on my feet/standing
  2. Wearing high-heels
  3. Less time on the computer
  4. Drinking more alcohol
  5. Different bed

So I concluded that I need to stand all day in high-heels with a cocktail in my hand? Sounds nice but but, of course, I'm joking.

What I can tell you is that this week I am going to:

  1. Research a new matttress - especially after a horrible Saturday night where every part of me hurt, leading me to have a ridiculously tight illiopsoas that resulted in me needing a muscle-relaxant and a 600mg of ibuprofen before bed last night.
  2. Sit straighter in my chair (can already attest that I am doing that as I write this post)
  3. Get up more often from my desk and walk around/stretch (need to finish this post and then I will)
  4. Buy new sneakers
  5. Stop wearing flip-flops, even my orthopedic ones, when I go out (the cooler weather will help there)

I'd like to add drink apple-martinis in place of water there but I doubt that would do my weight or my liver any good.

So, we'll see if that makes any difference.


e said...

I think you may be on to something, with the bed, the sitting, and the not moving around. I have found that when I have my hiking shoes on, the more I walk, the less I'm in pain. Ditto with sitting up straight and getting up every 15 minutes and taking a turn around the office. I also find that not wearing shoes at all helps. I've become increasingly convinced that the more we support our feet, the more screw up our backs and joints.

TravelVixen said...

Well, e, I have to disagree with the no shoes theory. Maybe it's just the shape of my feet but since I've been working from home and going barefoot or socked only for most of the day I have experienced pain and discomfort in my feet that I NEVER had when donning a pair of cute, heeled shoes every day to go to the office. It has not helped my back, my hips, or my feet to be barefoot so do proceed with that theory with caution!

Urban Koda said...

I'm starting to see some value in E's theory as well... Although Mrs. Koda is a fan of barefeet and minimal support, which means lower shoes costs, but it also means she scratches the hell out of my legs if she plays footsie too!

I think perhaps our feet adapt to how we use them. Maybe it's like anything unnatural with our bodies - clothing, shoes, drugs, etc. I think we get used to it, and then it takes a period of adjustment to get used to not having it around either.

The mattress sounds like a good idea, as do the other ergonomic decisions. I don't think we were meant to spend out days sitting in a padded chair staring at a computer screen.

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