Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our new itinerary to Jamaica

Ack. Well, I guess we'll just need to pack plenty of patience.... and some of those small bottles of liquor.

Pray for us!


Sun 27-Dec-09

Sacramento (SMF)
Depart 6:10 am
to Salt Lake City (SLC)
Arrive 8:46 am
532 mi
(856 km)
Duration: 1hr 36mn

Flight: 1140

Economy/Coach Class ( 27C, 27B, 27A, 27D ), BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS) PASSENGER

Salt Lake City (SLC)
Depart 9:40 am
to Atlanta (ATL)
Arrive 3:20 pm
1,587 mi
(2,554 km)
Duration: 3hr 40mn

Flight: 151

Economy/Coach Class ( 41E, 41D, 41F, 41G ), Food For Purchase, Boeing 767-300

Atlanta (ATL)
Depart 5:45 pm
to Montego Bay (MBJ)
Arrive 8:43 pm
1,120 mi
(1,802 km)
Duration: 2hr 58mn

Flight: 565

Economy/Coach Class ( 32B, 32D, 32C, 32A ), Breakfast, BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS) PASSENGER

Total distance: 3,239 mi (5,213 km)
Total duration: 8hr 14mn (11hr 33mn with connections)


e said...

I don't know how I feel about planes that only have winglets. I think you should demand wings. And engines.

I am not a Poodle said...

Winglets are the best bit! They're just like cutlets, only cuter :)
There are not enough flights here, btw. [Ahem ... LOL]

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