Monday, September 21, 2009

California Dreamin'

I have been having weird and slightly disturbing dreams lately.

Two nights ago, Hubby and I were outside my Nan's house in England (which is no longer, of course, hers) when we saw sparks fly above us in the night sky. When we looked up, we saw a red, glowing slit appear in the sky and from it zoomed a flying saucer of the "Independence Day" kind, zooming quickly across the sky but only about 1,000 feet from the ground. There was an ominous feeling in the air, as if we seemed to know what this meant; a harbinger of some kind. I remember feeling fearful and having the sense that nothing would ever be the same again. I think I said something about 2012, maybe referencing Nostradamus' predictions for armageddon? Hubby tried to walk towards it to get a better look and I pulled him back, telling him 'they' would see us.

In last night's dream I was in a women's prison. I had killed someone. I don't think this act was intentional or a murder in the "psycho" sense because I felt as though, although I wasn't denying being culpable in some way, I shouldn't be there. I was awaiting my trial and thought that my sentence probably wouldn't be that long.

Being in there for "homicide" gave me a sense of invincibility as I walked around. I was rooming-in with three other women and we all slept on the floor. However, I was ridiculously scared and could barely breathe for the feeling of being trapped. Just the thought of not being able to go places and do things just freaked me out, although I was trying not to think about it in the dream and trying to find ways to make the time pass, walking around outside in a fenced-off area that seemed remarkably similar to the Folsom Zoo that I just visited. My family came to visit me but kept wanting to leave early, which just made me more and more upset. The time went incredibly slowly and I looked at the clock at one point, thinking it was bound to be almost dinner time, and it was only 12:30pm.

Hubby said he has also been having vivid dreams but his are much more one-dimensional and the theme is reoccurring. He's skiing but the most vivid part is the sound of his skis on the snow as he heads down the hill. Sometimes he is alone and sometimes he meets up with me and we go up the lift again before skiing back down.

I like his dreams much better!


e said...

Well, I could say something idiotic like Mercury is in retrograde. I did think solar flares, though. Have you been watching documentaries, by any chance?

TravelVixen said...

No documentaries here. I have no idea what my subconsciou is trying to tell me. It's a piss-poor communicator, though, because I don't understand it!

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