Monday, March 30, 2009

Admitting to a hiatus

Well, it's official: my life has become so much about the pending arrival of Baby McDaid that, right now, I don't have anything meaningful to say on this non-baby-related blog. Given that my life is going to revolve around my son or daughter in significant ways for several weeks yet to come, I think it's time to succumb to the conclusion that this blog should be considered on hiatus for a while.

I still plan to keep both blogs up-and-running in the long term and like the idea of separating baby updates from personal opinions and the sharing of fun, non-baby stuff, but right now there isn't a lot of room in my day for the latter. Even when there is, my hands are so sore, there's rarely the physical ability to write two separate yet equally interesting blog posts each day.

So, thanks for keeping track of me here. I promise to be back soon with more of my grumblings about life and plans for future vacations...


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