Saturday, October 04, 2008

What goes around eventually comes around

On the (spooky!) 13th anniversary of his acquital in his double-murder trial, OJ Simpson was yesterday found guilty on all 12 counts relating to his armed robbery shenanigans in Las Vegas last year.

Sentencing is not until December, so we don't know how long he will be put away for but clearly, the gloves fit this time.

I remember the exact day 13 years ago when OJ was acquitted of murdering his wife and Ron Goldman. It was the 1995, the first year I came to the U.S. and, having just spent 6 months living in Orange County where I watched the non-stop tv-coverage of the trial, I had just returned home to England and was at my parent's launderette in East London. My ex-husband (who at the time was not my husband yet) called me on my mother's cell phone to give me the news and I had the 'proud' honor of breaking it (at least in my vicinity) before the radio or TV. I was missing OC at the time, feeling very sorry for myself having to come back to Blighty, and I remember a moment of feeling at-once re-connected and disconnected to L.A. and everything that was going on back there.

What a different time that was for me. Aged just 20, pining with love, dying to get out of dodge, and so done with being a student. How little I knew back then. How little I weighed back then (109lbs!). I feel at once proud of how far I've come but a little disillusioned by where I'm at, as compared to where I hoped I would be. I still harbor the same dreams and ambitions, I just don't have the same sense of certainty and unwavering optimism that I can achieve them, no matter what. Life kind of gets in the way, you know.

Anyway, on a positive note, it does mean that I have known e of The Gurly Life for more than 13 years now. In 1995, e and I worked for a talent agency called "The Partos Company", enduring the random ramblings of the man who claimed to have discovered Quentin Tarantino.

Yes, different times...

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e said...

At last! Justice.

And yes, we've been friends for 13 years, how cool is that?

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