Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great job, Simon!

A quick shout-out to my cousin, Simon, who recently completed the Berlin marathon in around 3.5 hours - which I think is a pretty great time, especially since I think this was his first marathon.

Running isn't my thing, so I shan't be joining him for any marathons any time soon. However, I am thinking about training for Eppie's Great Race ( in 2010 - some motivation to move that post-pregnancy weight!
Hey, if Jennifer Lopez can do it after twins, so can I!


Urban Koda said...

SWEET! That Great Race looks like a blast.

And congrats to your cousin - that's an incredible time! I did my first marathon 2 weeks ago, and took a little over 4 hours to complete - and then spent the next 2 days walking around like an 80 year old.

e said...

That is an excellent time! Tell him congrats and hello.

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