Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Booooo Hoooooo

Volleyball comes back to bite me in the ass again. You remember my Olympic rants about seeing Misty-May Traynor half-naked on my screen every time I tuned into the games? Well now, the woman has got on my wrong side again. Maks from Dancing With The Stars is history because little Misty severed her achilles tendon. I mean, seriously, how inconsiderate.

After pining for Maks' pecs, choreography, and great partners (Layla Ali, Mel B) last season when he was noticably absent, here I am again without my weekly dose. It's just wrong.

So, in tribute (or, more specifically so I can come back and get my fix whenever I want), I'm posting Maks' Paso Doble with Mel B from 2 seasons ago. They were the best couple I've ever seen on DWTS; I haven't seen anything to match this before or since. Sniff.

1 comment:

e said...

What?? She wins the gold at the Olympics playing volley ball ON SAND, and she severs her tendon dancing?? WTF, man!

Brit, you was robbed.

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