Thursday, September 25, 2008

Should have kept my mouth shut

No sooner did I blog about having nothing to blog about that I get something to blog about that I'd rather not have to.

My wallet (or for those of you in the UK, purse - yes, Yanks, purse is a bag and wallet is a it?) has disappeared. Lost, stolen, I don't know. I just went to grab it out of my purse (bag) today and it wasn't there. I last had it Tuesday but haven't used it since. I think it may have got lost/taken when Dad and I had dinner at the English pub down the street last night. I couldn't find my keys (pregnancy brain) and was emptying the contents of my purse (bag) out onto the table to locate them. It could have been that I emptied out my wallet (purse) and, because the light was dim (or because I am currently experiencing mental "dimness") didn't see it or put it back in. I don't remember taking it out or putting it back in, so I guess anything is possible. It may not have even been there at that time, it could have been swiped out of my bag before then - although I find that highly unlikely given the fact that I can barely find and remove stuff from my purse (bag) and I never let it out of my sight.

I called and personally visited the pub and nobody has handed it in, neither is it stuck behind or underneath something near where we were sitting. I even did a quick search of the bushes around the pub to see if an opportunist nabbed the cash and threw the rest away. Nuttin'

Thus began the nightmare of my afternoon: cancelling debit cards and credit cards, trying to remember what the hell was in the damn thing in the first place (which is quite a feat given I can't remember what happened to the item itself), putting fraud alerts on my credit, and heading off to the DMV in my lunch hour to apply for a new license.

Fortunately, it seems that no fraudulent charges have been made as yet. That's the good news. The bad news is that the cash that was in my wallet (purse) is obviously a goner. I don't remember exactly how much was in there but I would say $200+. I don't normally carry around that much cash (normally you'll be lucky to find $5 and some spare change) but someone had reimbursed me for something I had paid for on their behalf and had been too lazy to deposit the cash in the bank yet. Of course. Sods law, as we like to say in ole Blighty.

Also gone for good are the treasured family pics I keep close to me and a ton of retail and other membership cards, most of which I probably won't miss until I need to use them 6 months from now.

I am resolved to changing out my current purse (bag) for another. This one is really cute (I get tons of compliments on it) but, as has become obvious from this debacle, it doesn't have the appropriately sized or located pockets to keep things in order, resulting in me fishing down into it's depths to find even the most basic of items. It's not like there's even that much in there - make-up, business cards, wallet (purse), phone. But still, somehow, finding anything is a hassle. Hence the keys and then the wallet (purse) - I think I also remember thinking I'd left my phone in the car at one point just an hour earlier but then found it tucked in a corner at the bottom of the bag. So, I think you get my point and I can rest my case.

Lesson learned. Brain crap. Bag crap. Fix bag and hopefully won't need brain so much.

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e said...

Ah, yes, pregnancy brain. All my friends have told me - they couldn't remember a fucking thing for 9 months. Much more amusing for me than for them.

Bummer about the wallet, it's such a hassle. But at least no weird charges. It's very possible that either it's hiding somewhere unimaginable, like your freezer, or whoever took it got the cash and then tossed it in the garbage.

How fun that your dad is in town, when will they be moving for good?

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