Friday, September 26, 2008

Clusterf&*k to the poorhouse

Thanks to my friend, e, from The Gurly Life for this snippet of genius from John Stewart last night. It was too good not to post here too.


Another great find, this time from from her post investigating why on earth Sarah Palin qualifies for VP of our country. This is OUTSTANDINGLY bad.

Based upon Failin's definition of "foreign policy experience", 90% of Europe and Africa is just as qualified (in fact MORE qualified) to be VP of the USA as she is, because many countries in Europe and Africa border (SHOCK! HORROR!) two or more countries!

You know, you can see France, Belgium, and Norway on a good day from various spots in the U.K., I think I should call Obama now and tell him he's made a big mistake with that Biden fellow. I am obviously eminently more qualified.

Anyway, enjoy... in horror and then read this hilarious commentary from The Huffington Post Ok, so it's a bit raw, insulting, and definitely comes from one of us devoted lefties but, c'mon, it's funny.

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Urban Koda said...

I don't know if I would consider the Huffington Post article as raw or insulting. OK, so maybe the brain power comments, but sometimes when the Emperor has no clothes on, some one needs to say something.

It would be a lot funnier too, if there wasn't the slightest possible chance that she may indeed end up as the VP.

And I do need to agree with the comment that she is hot - at least until she opens her mouth...

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