Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Planning my defense

Several weeks ago I put my Obama/Biden sign in my front yard. This caused quite a stir in the immediate vicinity of our house since we are surrounded by ... shock, horror...Republicans. Particularly, our next door neighbor is one of those blind, blinkered Republicans who believes crazy right-wing propaganda like Obama is a Muslim, Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11, teachers are overpaid and underworked, and all Americans are really covered by health insurance - just head into the emergency room.

Yeah, ahem.

It's pointless to even try to debate with this individual (believe me, I've tried in a calm and well-mannered way) because it's like trying to debate against someone who is deeply religious: there is no rationality, logic or proof behind what they believe, they just take it on blind faith because it was written somewhere. Sorry, I don't meant to demean religion, I understand the nature of faith is to believe that which you can't see or prove, but honestly where I have the problem is when the same mentality is applied to the running of our country.

Anyway, this same next door neighbor threatened to steal our sign. (Half jokingly, of course.) So, I bought two and threatened to place the spare in his front yard (concreted in the ground if necessary) if he did so. Now, his next desperate trick on the way down in the polls is to come up with a sign that looks just like mine but says: NObama. Ooooooooooooo, how CREATIVE. I'm scared. We're so going to lose if the right keeps this innovative thinking up. Yes, I am mocking and taunting him and yes, Hubby and I do it to his face also. (Half jokingly, of course.)

I'm not sure if he's going to go through with his little sign but he showed us a Photoshopped 8.5x11 example the other day and, knowing him, he may just get it custom made. So, since then, I've been planning my defense. Today, I found just the web site to help me should I need additional weapons...

I can't seem to copy and paste some of the signs on the site, so you'll have to go there to see them for yourself, but here is the text from some of my favorites. Let me know if you have some of your own:

Continue the pain

Whats her name


No Way
No How
No McCain

... and the one that just tugs at , and my win, my heart:

I'm not against Republicans. I'm against duplicity, depression, ignorance, and bigotry.

I do like a lot of the others (ie: John McCain for Retirement) but would prefer to stay away from insulting someone personally or being ageist because those who sling mud lose ground or, more aptly, are usually Republicans. I never call names in an argument. Seriously, ask my husband. I'm all calm and logic. Sarcastic, biting, below-the-belt, logic but never a name called.

One thing I should add to redeem my neighborhood is that, at our recent neighborhood garage sale, I had more comments about my sign than about what we were selling. Yes, good comments: "I like your sign," "Where did you get your sign?", "Thanks for putting up that sign," etc... There were probably 20 people who stopped to talk about how they were perplexed by the polls and couldn't understand how any right-minded human could vote for McCain. I'm sure there were just as many Republicans who decided to keep their mouth shut (smart folk) but there were two women who just couldn't resist. I was waiting for 'them' all day, so I was well prepared...

WOMAN 1: "Can I take your sign?"
ME: "Haha. If I only had a dollar for every time someone asked me that today, I would have been able to close up shop a couple hours ago. I do have another one in the house if you really want it."
WOMAN 1: "No, I didn't want it for myself. I just wanted to take it down."
ME: "Oh, I see. Well, you're the only one today."
WOMAN 2: (From somewhere else in my driveway, no doubt debating over whether 50c was too expensive for a $60, barely used, purse.) "No she's not. You've got another one here."
ME: "Well, that's two out of about twenty today. I'm happy with those odds."
WOMAN 1: "Well, you should come to our neighborhood."
ME: (Laughing.) "Uh, no thanks."

They didn't buy anything but that's ok, we made $250 anyway and could have sold another $100 in signs if I'd thought of it ahead of time.

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e said...

I think my favorite is McCan't/Failin'. It would be funnier if the fate of our country and the world didn't hang in the balance. That Palin woman is not only not qualified, she sounds like a dunce when they ask her any substantive questions. I mean, she really doesn't know anything about anything.

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