Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I'm working on, that keeps me from blogging

A business plan for Memories by Michelle for 2012. Yes, 2012. There are a lot of components:
  • Pricing (how do I make money!? can I!?)
  • Market Positioning (who am I? where do I fall in the grand scheme of local photographers? how do I identify myself?)
  • Marketing strategy. Where are my 2012 clients coming from?
  • A new website. Flash or no flash? Simple and minimalistic or colorful and full of flair. The first will be cheaper, the latter will require thought, design $, AND programming $. Either way, I want it to reveal just as much about me and what it's like to work with me as it does about my photos themselves. Both are part of the experience.
  • A possible branding make-over (not losing the existing logo but expanding on it)
Editing photos - there have been a lot of sessions lately... yay! Oh, and blogging about them. Blog previews, FB previews... trying to be everywhere at once.

Scheduling new sessions - if you can believe it, I'm actually booking sessions for holiday cards. NO KIDDING. I also have my first wedding session this coming weekend in Lake Tahoe. Excited, scared, excited...

The "other" job. It's busy. We're launching a new product in August. I'm doing marketing, promotion, P.R., sales and training videos, online live trainings, technical writing, sales strategy... I need more heads and hands.

A vacation. I am just biting at the bit to see a softly sloping white-sand beach and a, calm, aquamarine sea. Oh, but the flights are SO expensive right now. I looked at Jamaica (of course) and 7 days for two adults and one kid is almost $12k - that's as much as our larger group of 4 adults and 1 infant paid in 2010!

So, personal blogging is taking a backseat. In fact, I need to swoop out of the office right now to run to Daisy's school. Changing gears to Mummy mode....


Mala said...

The direction you are headed I know 2012 will be a great year for MbM. Much love!

e said...

You are getting a business off the ground, holding down a full time job, being a wife and mother - I think that's plenty. That's the funny thing about blogging - when you have all the stuff going on that you could blog about, the stuff keeps you too busy. Stay the course, I'm w/ Mala, 2012 will be spectacular.

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