Friday, November 12, 2010

It's a wonderful life

Yesterday, as I was using that fantastico tool Picnik and all my photos from the last 6 years on Flickr, to product my anniversary picture collage, I was struck by all the smiles and the different places Hubby and I have been together.

Life these days moves at such a hectic pace and, being the A-type personalities we are, Hubster and I are always pushing forward to "the next thing." So it's a rare day that we stop to look back and appreciate what came before.

After I finished the collage, combing through my last 6 years in pictures, I found myself feeling profoundly grateful for wonderful experiences, a wonderful marriage, wonderful friends, and a wonderful family.

I sent the collage to Hubby and he too had the same feelings. It was very life-affirming.

I also realized two things:
  1. I want more! The future is an open book and we intend to fill it with more brightly colored pictures of people, places, and wide smiles. Bring it on!
  2. The pictures of the two of us together pretty much stopped about 19 months ago. 10 guesses as to why that is! So, now I'm on a new mission to get more pics of us together. 
Yes, It's a wonderful life!

Monterey Sept 2010 249

Monterey Sept 2010 319

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e said...

It is a wonderful life. I'm always taking pictures, which everyone makes fun of me for, but as you so eloquently pointed out, pictures become valuable with time. It's mildly amusing to look at them soon after, but it's really incredible to look at the them months, years, decades later. I'll take lots of pictures of all of you when I come visit.

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