Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On the question of whether people are generally dishonest or just lazy...

... it seems that this new online company is banking on "lazy".

Tiger Tag Lost & Found Network

If you're the sort of person who reaches into your pocket for your cell only to realize you left it on the table at Starbucks, then for $1.99, you can get a sheet of "tags" to stick on your trusty iPhone that make it easy for anyone who finds it to return it to you without ever knowing your name or address.

I saw this new service on Kurt the Cyberguy's spot on Fox40 news this morning and think it's a pretty nifty idea. You know, one of those inventions that you think to yourself that you probably could have come up with yourself one sleepless night but never did? Sometimes the simplest things are the most ingenious.

Beyond the obvious benefits of coordinating the return of your prized posessions to you, TigerTag has really thought through how their service can integrate with other companies and agencies, as well as direct to consumer.

From their website:
To help you to get your lost items back, TigerTag operates a 24/7-service center for easy recovery. In partnership with Fedex we ensure that found items are returned promptly.

TigerTag collaborates with international, federal and local law enforcement and offer integration with national registries of stolen goods to ensure protection of your valuables.

Insurance companies benefit from collaboration with TigerTag, reducing the risk of theft and making the claims process much easier.

Last but not least, all manufacturers of consumer electronics that we work with benefit from providing superior service to their customers, offering the world's first global lost and found service for FREE.

Pretty cool! I'm thinking of signing Hubby up. He is definitely the sort to leave his things behind.

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e said...

I'm with lazy.

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