Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's a question of love...

... for one another as human beings and for people who want to solidify that love in permanence and commitment.

Thank you to The Gurly Life for the find.


e said...


e said...

And I love that you have Marriage Equality News in the side panel. I was pleased to read about LA County joining in the suit against Prop 8. The time has come to end discrimination, whether the Mormor church likes it or not.

Urban Koda said...

After several sermons of hate and intolerance in a Church this morning, for a religion which claims to follow the Gospel of Christ yet fails to live it, THANK YOU for helping me get back in touch with what Christianity and Love are all about. I hope you don't mind (In fact I'm 100% sure you don't) but I have posted this on my other blogs and facebook.

I for one could not be more disgusted with the religion into which I was baptized many years ago... I would apologize on their behalf, but I have no faith at all that they will change their ways.

Not all Mormons are intolerant bigots, but if the leadership keeps this up, those of us who believe in following the teachings of Christ will leave and the bigots will be all that is left.

THANKS YOU AGAIN. This had both my wife and I in tears.

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