Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The cost of living "abroad"

Today I went to the local British Grocers, primarily to purchase the funny looking thing above. Cadbury's Highlights are just the best instant hot chocolate ever (seriously, instant but GOOD) AND - better still - they only have 40 calories in every pack. Is that like heaven in a baggie or what??? Usually my mum sends these out to me, but she's been sending a lot of packages out recently, which is very expensive, so I thought I would do the adult thing and purchase my own groceries for a change.

At Tesco (UK equivalent of Safeway but actually a lot better), the above product sells for two pounds and forty pence, or $3.60. At the "A Touch of Britain", this same canister costs $13.95!!!! That's not a touch, that's more like a full-on grope!!!!

I just couldn't do it, I just couldn't pay $14 for it. Yet, somehow I did manage to purchase a small brown bag of groceries costing a wopping $30. For this I got:
6 small tins of Heinz Baked Beans (which I just can't live without) at $1.75 each (39p or $0.58 from Tescos) - the pictured tin is actually 2x the size of what I bought!

One Cadbury's "Flake" bar for Joss, a bottle of salad cream and some Branston's pickle.

I wouldn't call this exactly gourmet - I could have had a serious sushi binge for $30 - but unfortunately this is the price of missing home. Needless to say, Mum will be shipping the Highlights.

It does bring up a good point, though... there's money to be made in this whole English food thing. An entrepreneurial thought for another day...

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e said...

Marmite!! You didn't buy any Marmite?

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