Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our 4th of July...

... was supposed to be like this:


... but wound up like this.


Sigh. Parenthood. Full of curve balls.

In short, my 4th of July weekend was supposed to go like this:

  1. Arrive in Tahoe on Friday afternoon. Reeeelax with my good friend, Kim.
  2. Wedding photo shoot on Saturday. Return home. Drink wine with Kim. Watch our kids play.
  3. Sunday and Monday. Swim in the lake. Drink wine. Hang out with family and friends. Reelax.
Instead, my Friday was hijacked by my day job. Completely insane amounts of work. My drive up to Tahoe was 3 hours long, stuck in traffic. The wedding went great but on Saturday night Daisy did not sleep barely a wink. I think I got 4 hours of sleep... intermittently. On Sunday morning it was obvious that things were not heading in the right direction: Daisy was lethargic and unhappy. By Sunday afternoon, she wouldn't sleep and had a temperature. Hubby and I conceded: we probably needed to go home. Nothing wonderful could be achieved by staying in Tahoe with a sick toddler who was constantly whining for home.

So we left the house we'd rented with friends in Tahoe, the beautiful 80 degree weather, and drove back down to the hellish heat of Sacramento, exhausted and dejected.

I was not only pissed that we'd wasted money on a vacation rental we had barely had time to enjoy but I had really looked forward to spending some time with my good friend, Kim, and relaxing for a couple of days before heading back home to my insane schedule. It just seemed horribly unfair, given how stressed I had been about getting up there in the first place: the preparation, the packing, the trying-to-close-out-work, all with little pay-off. Sigh.

Instead we abused my willing mother and passed our sick toddler off to her for the majority of July 4th, while Hubby and I sought an afternoon's break from the heat at the movie theater. We then bought $90 of ear-piercingly loud fireworks, which we half-heartedly set-off in front of our house the minute the sun went down.

As it turns out, it was just as well we left Tahoe. A visit to the pediatrician this morning confirmed that Ms. Daisy has a raging ear infection. Poor kid has had a low-grade fever for a few days now, her nose won't stop running, and her eyes are watering like crazy. I feel so bad for her (and us!)


Here are some photos from the two halves of our doomed weekend.


Hudson, who Daisy was having a blast with until... well... you know.


Hudson and Kim, braving the FREEZING lake water.


The calm before the storm



Beautiful Lake Tahoe, where the water was clear, the temps relatively cool, and where snow still capped the mountains.


Back down to triple-digit heat and a more low-key 4th.






For all July 4th photos, click here.

This is the 2nd of 3 Independence Days as parents that have been goddamned awful. I am living in hope that future ones will prove to be more fun.

Maybe it's the ghosts of the Founding Fathers paying some kind of rotten joke on the Brit?


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry, Michelle. That SUCKS.

Mala said...

So sorry and hope she's feeling better now. Lovely images of the fireworks I have to say!

Anonymous said...

Parenthood, like life, you never know whats around the corner. Thank goodness for grandparents to the rescue so you and Joss could have a little adult time, eventhought it wasnt by the cool water is was in a cool theatre. Vickie

e said...

I think I ruined my parents' lives for years and years when I was a child. I was sick all the time. I made up for it by being brilliant and fabulous later, but I'm sure I was no fun at all. It will get better, and the day will come that she'll be spending lots of time with her friends and not with you, and you'll get your lives back. And you'll have a fabulous daughter, too. All the good stuff takes work, don't it? Still, sorry that the vacation was ruined, I was so pleased for you to get up there. The good news is that Tahoe is not going anywhere. Mucho love to you all. Can't wait to see the wedding pics, btw.

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